POM plastic CNC processing

POM plastic CNC processing

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Machining method: CNC machining

Processing factory: Lianda

Processing material: POM plastic

Processing equipment: CNC machining machine

POM plastic CNC processing

POM plastic is a kind of low friction, high density, high stiffness, high ductility engineering plastic, often used in the manufacture of brake systems, bearings, parts, gears and other mechanical components. POM plastic CNC machining technology can process POM plastic into various shapes and specifications of parts, with high processing accuracy, fast processing speed, good surface finish and other advantages.

First, POM plastic CNC processing process

CNC machining of POM plastics generally includes the following steps:

1.CAD design and mold production, the designed model through CAM software programming to generate G code;

2. Select the appropriate POM plastic sheet, fix the sheet on the processing platform and position and level it;

3. Start the CNC machine tool, set the machining parameters, adjust the appropriate tool speed, feed speed, cutting depth and other parameters;

4. Start processing POM plastic on CNC machine, control the cutting process according to G code program, and realize the processing of POM plastic;

5. After the processing is completed, the surface treatment and inspection of POM plastics are carried out to ensure that they meet the processing requirements and quality standards.

Second, the scope of application of POM plastic CNC processing

POM plastic CNC machining is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronic appliances, automotive parts, medical equipment, aerospace and Marine and other fields. The high stiffness, high precision and low wear properties of POM plastics make them suitable for the manufacture of high-precision, high-load, high-speed parts. For example: gear of automatic gear shifter, friction plate of brake, structural parts of electronic equipment, etc.

Third, POM plastic CNC processing precautions

1. Select the appropriate POM plastic sheet and follow the material principle to ensure that the quality of the processed parts meets the standard;

2. Pre-treatment of POM plastic sheet before processing, including deburring, polishing and cleaning;

3.CNC machine tool processing parameters adjustment, according to different plate materials, processing technology to adjust;

4. Pay attention to safety when cutting, use tools and safety protection measures to ensure the safety of staff;

5. Inspect the parts after processing to ensure that the processing quality and accuracy meet the requirements.

In short, CNC machining of POM plastics is an effective manufacturing technology that can quickly and accurately process various POM plastic parts. Before processing, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the material properties and processing requirements, and reasonably select the processing methods and processing parameters before processing to ensure that the processing quality is up to standard.

POM plastic, also called polyformaldehyde, is a kind of excellent performance engineering plastic, which has excellent friction resistance, high stiffness, high strength, low friction coefficient and other characteristics, but also has a good mechanical processing performance. Therefore, POM plastics have been widely used in mechanical parts, electronic parts, automotive industry and other fields. The CNC processing of POM plastics has also become an important part of modern manufacturing.

Factors to consider for CNC machining of POM plastics:

1. Material performance: POM plastic has the characteristics of high strength, high hardness and wear resistance. These characteristics need to be taken into account when selecting tools, machining parameters, cutting speed and cutting depth.

2, processing accuracy: POM plastic processing accuracy requirements are high, the need to use a higher processing speed and processing accuracy, and maintain a high processing stability.

3. Shape complexity: the surface requirements of POM plastic are more complex, and the processing process includes contour processing, high-speed milling, drilling, chamfering and other links, and it is necessary to choose the appropriate cutting tools and processing parameters.

4. Processing environment: POM plastic processing process will produce some toxic gases, pay attention to ventilation and environmental protection.

CNC machining process of POM plastics:

1. Preparation: According to the internal and external shape, size and requirements of the parts, tool selection, cutting parameters design.

2. Loading and unloading and positioning: Place the POM plastic on the CNC machining equipment workbench and fix the positioning.

3. Processing technology: The use of CNC controller to control the trajectory of the tool, contour processing, high-speed milling, drilling, chamfering and other processing technology.

4. Quality inspection: After CNC machining of POM plastics, quality inspection needs to be carried out, including the error of processing size, surface roughness and flatness of surface quality.

CNC machining advantages of POM plastics:

1. High-precision machining: The use of high-precision CNC control system for processing, can achieve high-precision parts processing, and can be mass-produced.

2. High processing efficiency: Due to the high hardness of POM plastic, high-speed and efficient processing methods can be used in CNC processing to improve production efficiency.

3. Good processing stability: Because the CNC control system can accurately control the tool's motion path and cutting parameters, ensure processing stability, reduce errors and scrap rate.

4. High reliability: The CNC machining process of POM plastics has high reliability, is not prone to failure, and the processing quality is stable, and can meet the needs of high quality.

In short, CNC machining of POM plastics is an efficient, accurate and stable processing method, which can quickly produce standard parts and special workpieces that meet the requirements, and improve the production efficiency and product quality of the manufacturing industry.

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