pc plastic cnc processing

pc plastic cnc processing

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Machining method: CNC machining

Processing factory: Lianda

Processing material: Pc plastic

Processing equipment: CNC machining machine

CNC machining of PC plastics

PC plastic is a commonly used engineering plastic, with heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength characteristics, in electronics, communications, automotive, medical equipment and other fields have been widely used. Among them, PC plastic CNC processing technology is an efficient and precise processing method, this article will introduce the relevant knowledge of PC plastic CNC processing.

First, CNC processing principle of PC plastic

PC plastic CNC processing is the use of computer-controlled CNC machine tools for processing, mainly including the following steps:

1. Design processing program: Use CAD/CAM software to design parts and generate machine tool control program.

2. Debug the machine tool: set and debug the machine tool according to the processing program.

3. Processing parts: Automatic processing according to the processing program.

4. Check the parts: check whether the parts after processing meet the design requirements.

Second, PC plastic CNC processing advantages

1. High precision: CNC machining has the advantages of high precision and high repeatability, which can ensure the size and shape accuracy of parts.

2. High production efficiency: CNC machining can achieve automated production, improve processing efficiency and reduce production costs.

3. Wide adaptability: CNC machining is suitable for the processing of different shapes, sizes and difficult materials, such as curved surface, inclined surface, cone surface, etc.

Third, PC plastic CNC processing precautions

1. Machine tool maintenance: Regular maintenance and repair of CNC machine tools to ensure the performance and accuracy of machine tools.

2. Tool selection: Select different tools according to different processing needs to ensure cutting quality and processing efficiency.

3. Processing parameter setting: Reasonable processing parameter setting according to different material characteristics, shape and size to ensure processing quality and stability.

4. Measurement and inspection: Measurement and inspection are required after processing to ensure that the parts meet the design requirements.

Four, PC plastic CNC processing application cases

1. Electronic shell: PC plastic CNC machining can accurately machined electronic shells with different shapes, sizes and holes.

2. Medical devices: PC plastic CNC processing can make the shell, parts and accessories of medical devices.

3. Auto parts: PC plastic CNC processing can produce auto parts, such as car lampshades, dashboards, etc.

In short, PC plastic CNC machining technology is an efficient and precise machining method that can meet the processing needs of different industries. In use, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the machine tool, tool selection, processing parameter setting and measurement inspection to ensure the processing quality and stability.

CNC machining is a kind of precision machining technology, which is also widely used in the processing of PC plastics. In the PC plastic CNC processing, it is necessary to select the appropriate machine tool and process parameters, strictly control the parameters in the processing process, to ensure that the processing quality meets the requirements.

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