Impeller five-axis machining

Impeller five-axis machining

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Machining method: 5-axis CNC machining

Processing factory: Lianda

Processing industries: Aerospace/military, etc

Processing equipment: five axis CNC machining center

Impeller, as an important part in hydraulic generator, wind turbine, automobile, shipbuilding and other industries, has been widely paid attention to. The technology of impeller five-axis machining is an important development direction in the field of impeller machining.

The traditional impeller machining method mainly uses a three-axis CNC milling machine for machining, which requires several tool changes and workpiece changes in the machining process, which has low efficiency and has certain influence on the technological requirements of the impeller. The impeller five-axis machining technology can be processed by CNC machining machine in each part of the impeller in the case of a clamping, which reduces the operation of tool change and workpiece change, improves the processing efficiency, and also ensures the technological requirements of the impeller.

Impeller five-axis machining technology can realize the machining of complex curved impellers, especially for the impellers with higher surface accuracy and surface finish requirements, and can give full play to its advantages of high precision. At the same time, the five-axis machining technology can also reduce manual operation, improve processing accuracy and efficiency, and can respond to rapid changes in customer demand and better meet market demand.

In the impeller five-axis machining process, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of appropriate processing technology and tools. According to the material and processing requirements of the impeller, select the appropriate tool and the appropriate cutting parameters to avoid excessive cutting and tool fragmentation and other problems, and achieve the best processing effect.

In practical applications, impeller five-axis machining technology has been widely used in the processing of various types of impellers, which can improve the processing quality and efficiency of impellers, meet the market demand for impeller processing, and promote the development of impeller manufacturing industry.

Impeller five-axis machining is an advanced high-precision machining technology. Impeller is a very important mechanical part, which is widely used in aerospace, turbine, generator and other fields. Therefore, the manufacturing accuracy of the impeller also directly affects the performance and life of the equipment. The five-axis machining technology can effectively improve the machining accuracy and efficiency of the impeller, improve the surface quality and durability of the impeller, and become one of the important technical means of modern impeller manufacturing.

I. Overview of impeller five-axis machining technology

The traditional impeller machining mainly relies on the traditional milling machine, lathe and other processing equipment, although it can be rough and fine machining, but it is difficult to control the precision of small and large deformation parts such as the complex surface of the impeller, the hub and the blade. Impeller five-axis machining technology, is through the introduction of the fourth and fifth rotating axes, rotating tools and workpiece methods, to solve the traditional machining difficult to achieve complex surface processing problems, improve the processing quality of parts, precision, and greatly improve the processing efficiency.

The advantage of five-axis machining technology is that it can freely adjust the cutting Angle and cutting direction of the tool. For example, the parameters of the impeller are many and the virtual and real phase, the traditional processing method may not be able to meet all the parameters and requirements at the same time, but the five-axis machining can easily solve this problem. In addition, the five-axis machining technology can be reasonably processed according to the actual situation by setting parameters such as tool feed and workpiece rotation several times, and improve the surface accuracy and mechanical properties of the impeller.

Second, impeller five-axis processing equipment characteristics

The equipment required for impeller five-axis machining has the following characteristics:

1. Large processing range: The impeller five-axis machining machine can complete a wide range of precision parts processing, and the table can be up and down, left and right, front and back, around the X, Y axis 360 degrees continuous rotation.

2. High precision: five-axis machine tool adopts high precision transmission system and control system, which can achieve high precision milling and processing.

3. High reliability: The design and manufacturing technology of the five-axis machine tool is high, and it has high reliability and stability.

4. High degree of intelligence: The five-axis machine tool has a variety of intelligent functions, such as automatic tool change, automatic measurement, adaptive processing, etc.

3. Application range of impeller five-axis machining

Impeller five-axis machining technology has been widely used in aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, energy, manufacturing and other fields. For example, in the overall power system of aircraft, rockets, missiles, etc., the blade processing of wings, propeller blades, rotors, etc., cannot be separated from the impeller five-axis processing technology. In the automotive and petrochemical industries, turbochargers, centrifugal compressors, refrigeration compressors, water pumps, etc., impeller five-axis processing technology can also be used for processing, effectively improving the performance and life of parts.

In short, impeller five-axis machining technology has become the main technical means of modern high-precision mechanical parts processing, it has the advantages of processing complex shapes, high precision and high efficiency, and the application range is very wide, which plays an important role in improving the processing quality of impeller parts and ensuring the stable development of industrial production.

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